Have you ever attended a Catholic Orthodox Wedding ? For me it was the first time. Today I will share some details about the symbolism on Orthodox ceremonies to know, as well as customs and traditions that make an orthodox wedding such a beautiful celebration.

Before the wedding starts the priest goes outside and asks the bride & groom if its their own will to get married.

The priest goes with incense into the church because it is a sacred place. I have learned that in the Orthodox Church, wedding vows are not exchanged between the couple, the couple's commitment is to God to care for one another. The rings have a special meaning of the alliance. They promise God that they will love unconditionally. This is why the couple does not face each other but rather forward to the altar towards Christ.

 The wedding consists of two parts: the Service of Betrothal and the Crowning. This includes the Prayers; the Crowning; the Scripture; the Common Cup and the Dance of Isaiah. The sacraments are done 3 times which means the Holy Trinity (God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

The symbol of the Betrothal is the exchanging of rings. The priest blesses the rings three times and announces that the groom to the bride in the name of the Holy Trinity. The priest places the rings on the right-hand fingers of the groom and bride. The Koumbaro then exchanges the rings between the couple three times, signifying that their two lives are connected as one by the grace of the Holy Trinity.

The wedding service begins with the lighting of the candles and the Joining of the Hands.The priest joins the right hands of the groom and bride as he calls God to unite the bride and groom into one mind and body .

The most beautiful part of the Orthodox wedding sacrament is called the "crown". When the priest places the crown on the groom and bride's heads, they are crowned by God as king and queen of their home. One of their missions is to multiply. The crowns are exchanged on their heads three times by the Koumbaro or Koumbara (They are to be guides for the couple throughout their marriage)

Then a series of scriptures are read describing love and respect & the wedding in Cana .

The groom and bride will sip blessed wine from the same cup. This means they will share their lives with abundance.

The priest holds up the book of the Holy Gospel and leads the couple in a ceremonial walk called the Dance of Isaiah. (also 3 times) This symbolizes eternity.

Finally, the priest removes the crowns and asks God for a long and happy life for them.

Being able to document this beauty has been a true honor. Hope your learned as much as I did.

Have a beautiful day!

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